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Limited Edition Hand Embellished Giclee print11x17

Signed by ArtistEmbellished on archival museum quality paper with Gold Enamel. What is a giclee?A giclee print is a museum quality print of an original work that has lasting quality. To be considered a giclee, the print must have been made with an inkjet printer with 11 specific ink types that create extraordinary quality of colors and a high DPI.

Why buy a Giclee?

Unlike normal prints, Giclee prints will last hundreds of years with proper care, while normal prints will begin to fade and degrade after a few decades of display. Often times Giclee renditions will have hand embellished elements that make them one of a kind.This means that Giclee prints are as close to purchasing an original as you can get, with a lower price point. They will increase in value over time, just as original artwork does. What comes with the purchase?The print itselfA certificate of autheniticityProper Care For Giclee:Protect behind glassKeep out of direct sunlight

A Stretch For Death Hand Embellished Limited Edition

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